We are the pleasant and happy musical band who love supremely Jamaican oldies, such as Authentic Ska, Rocksteady, Calypso, Mento, and Old jazz, Japanese old music, Tropical music, etc. We would love "liquor and sea" than eat, and we pray for world peace heartily.



We were born in Osaka as authentic ska band "TROPICAN'S" In April, 2009. While gradually increase members, and there is the some members change, centering on authentic sound and drunkard music, it is high sound of the originality that kept the strength of the member alive for original sensitivity.


A scout is soon received from GETHIP RECORDS after formation, and it will participate in V.A Album "GETHIP SHOWCASE 3" in September, 2009. The first single "MIDNIGHT CARAVAN" is released.

After that, from the label, the second single "MUGHEAD SKA" was released in January, 2010, and participation and "Tonarino Shibafu" were released to V.A Album "GETHIP SHOWCASE 4" in November, 2010. Furthermore, "Dandyism of decrepit" will be carried out in January, 2012, the single release of "TROPICAL FISH GARDEN" will be carried out in February, 2012, respectively, and the first vocal song "KIRA KIRA STARS" will be released in September, 2013. The cover music which Tsubasa sings simultaneously to the performance back of TROPICAN'S as a collaboration plan of GETHIP, "Ozorano Kanata" of Yuzo Kayama was released by V.A Album "GETHIP SHOWCASE 7."

And, in December, 2014, We release 1st album (12songs) "CON NICHI WA." It is working at its own pace still now.


Official Menber

  • Carl: Guitar,Vocal,Pianica
  • Oomori: Contrabass
  • Matsu: Drums
  • Nawa: Percussion
  • Masayan: Trumpet,Flugelhorn
  • Yujirou: Trumpet
  • Tadan: Tenor sax
  • Shimura: Trombone

  • Support Member

  • Micchi: Alto sax
  • Sige: Alto sax
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